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Flaxseed Thermal Heat Conditioning Cap

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If you’re ready to take your deep conditioning hair regime to another level, then K’Cyrus welcomes you aboard to our 100% natural microwaveable heat caps, filled with flaxseeds throughout and completely cordless, you can now get salon based results right inside your own home.



What The Heat Cap has to offer:

  • Heat opens the cuticle allowing products to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft pushing past the hair surface, dramatically improving the results of your deep conditioning
  • Cordless cap, allowing you to be completely mobile & free to do what you want whilst the magic takes place
  • Easy to use. Heat the cap for 60-90 seconds in the microwave & enjoy 20-30 minutes of gentle heat
  • Provides you with salon based results right in your home
  • One size fits all, suitable for children and those with thick and long hair due to its stretchy fit
  • Suitable for hot oil treaments and hair masks
  • Safer option due to being filled with natural flaxseeds, rather than chemical toxic gels that can potentially burst in the microwave.
  • Promotes hair growth by stimulating your scalp. The Flaxseeds inside provides that little extra moisture which all of our hair needs!
  • Durable & Resuable and is designed for countless uses.



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How to use: 

  1. Apply Deep conditioner/oil/mask to hair as you normally do
  2. Place heat cap directly into clean microwave and heat for 2-3 minutes, checking every 60 seconds to make sure the cap is not overheating
  3. Place shower cap unto hair, followed by the warm heat cap
  4. Now get cosy or finish your cleaning whilst the magic begins



Disclaimer: As treatments can vary from 15-60 minutes, please reput the heat cap back in the microwave for a further 90 seconds if you would like to extend the heat time to match your treament and continue with your desired time. Do not heat your cap for longer than 3 minutes in one go.


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All-Natural Skincare and Hair